bioclimatic pergola

Today the evolution of design and technology is at the service of your spaces. Pergocasa® BioArq is the bioclimatic pergola with shading coverage and adjustable slats.It provides the ideal protection for outdoor environments.

Inside Pergocasa® BioArq you can create a perfect microclimate, with adjustable sunscreens depending on the angle and intensity of the light. At the same time, BioArq protects against all weather conditions thanks to its accessories, such as vertical Skipper blinds closures or windows that complement and close the environment in every season.

In the summer mosquito nets naturally protect against insects, while the light and Bluetooth audio systems create the desired atmosphere for every moment. Pergocasa® BioArq is custom-made in aluminium and is available in many different versions including alone standing or leaning against the wall.

The look of BioArq could be further customised with personalized wrapping, as well as being available in all colors with the possiblity to differentiate the color of the structure from the color of the slats.

Along with style and strength, BioArq offers a unique and customizable harmony between light, shadow, heat and ventilation, in order to create a living space following first and foremost your own tastes, not the seasons.




staffe e viterie inox

struttura in alluminio

struttura in alluminio


protezione dal sole


Protezione dal vento


protezione dalla pioggia


tessuti ignifughi (a richiesta)



Max width 5 m

Max projection 6,4 m




Motorization Linear drive TiMotion





Ivory RAL 1013

Anthracite ANTRA24 exclusive

Brown RAL 8017

Special colors


Arquati takes the concept of customization beyond all expectations: your specially developed Pergocasa® wrapping may be designed based on what you want, choosing from many different textures such as camouflage, wood, carbon and many more.

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